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How Long Should A Carpet Take to Dry?

One of the most often concerns we are asked by individuals considering professional carpet cleaning is “How long does it take to dry after cleaning?”. We’ve all heard stories of inexpensive cleaning agencies who have cleaned a costly carpet that has then taken several days to dry. At Green Carpet’s Cleaning, we aim for all carpets to dry within 4-8 hours. Why does it take this long, and why is there such a significant gap between the many estimates of how long it will take?

Everyone’s carpet and scenario are different
The rationale for this broad drying time estimation is that every home is different, and so is every situation. Varying carpet fibers take different times to dry. Wool, for example, absorbs up to 30% of its weight in water, but polypropylene carpets don’t absorb any. Because of this, the water is able to remain on the surface for a longer period of time, which causes the carpet to feel wetter for a longer period of time.

The amount of soil that is embedded in the carpet is another factor that contributes to the fact that certain carpets take longer to dry than others. More cleaning solutions may need to be used on the carpet in order to break down the embedded dirt if it is extremely soiled or if it has been a long time since it was last cleaned. This will lose and extract them compared to a carpet that has been frequently cleaned.

Temperature and humidity also play their part in deciding how long your carpet will take to dry. If the temperature of the surrounding air is low, drying time for your carpet may be significantly prolonged. This is because the flow of heat and air causes moisture to evaporate faster than in cold settings. Air that is humid doesn’t take kindly to even additional moisture since it’s already full of it, therefore speedy evaporation doesn’t occur. Think of your clothes drier or your hair dryer as an analogy for how quickly your carpet will dry if you use warm, dry air. When it’s set on high, it will dry your hair faster than in a low, cool setting. In addition, a carpet with long fibers such as a shag will take longer to dry than a carpet with shorter threads.

The question then is why the duration of the process varies from one carpet cleaning business to the next.

This is dependent on a number of different elements, some of which include the cleaning process, the level of experience possessed by the specialist, and the standard of the equipment. At Green Carpet’s Cleaning , we have experienced professionals that are able to detect all types of carpets. This allows us to establish the most effective course of action for cleaning the carpet as well as the chemicals that should be used. Because of the incredible power of the truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment that we use, we are able to remove as much water as possible from your carpets, hence reducing the amount of time it takes for them to dry completely. Try the Same Day Carpet Cleaning San Ramon service they offer.

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