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How Frequently Should Carpets Be Cleaned Thoroughly?

Contrary to popular belief, having a professional clean your carpets can actually be quite beneficial. In addition to regular vacuuming, spot removal, and general care provided by the owners, carpets in both commercial and residential locations can be kept in remarkable condition, maintain their beautiful appearance, and live longer than their estimated lifespans. These benefits can be achieved by taking care of the carpets. Carpets should be given a thorough deep cleaning by a professional at least once a year, or more frequently if necessary, according to manufacturers’ and other industry experts’ recommendations. Because the carpets always look their best, some people are prone to forgetting when the annual date actually is unless they keep a calendar that is projected one year in advance. Even so, in order to reap the benefits of professional cleaning, regardless of whether the carpets look pristine or not, we at Green Carpet’s Cleaning would like to share the warning signs that your carpets have done in the past that indicate they need to be professionally cleaned, or the cleaning needs to take place before the mark of one year.

Only the surface dirt and dust were removed by vacuuming.
As was mentioned earlier, even carpets that give the impression of being clean and meticulous still need to be professionally cleaned once a year. Even with regular vacuuming, there is still debris, dirt, and particles that slip below the surface, and over time, often within a year, the accumulation acts as an abrasion, and routine foot traffic is the friction, which results in a sandpaper-like effect taking place under the carpets, damaging it from the backup. The reason for this is that even with routine vacuuming, there is still debris, dirt, and particles that slip below the surface. A thorough and professional cleaning removes the filth to lessen the amount of damage that has been done and to stop the soil from penetrating back to the surface, along with any odors or stains that may have developed as a result of the process.

How Frequently Should Carpets Be Cleaned Thoroughly?

Unless the carpets exhibit any of the warning signs listed below, commercial carpets should be cleaned once every six months and residential carpets should be cleaned once every twelve months.

1) Carpets with a pungent odor. When it comes to odors, whether they are unpleasant or foul, it can be difficult to eliminate them using home remedies. There are an infinite number of things that can cause odors in carpeting; some of the most common causes are accidents involving pets, spills in the home, regular activities, and the use of chemicals. Professional carpet cleaning is effective even in situations where other methods, such as vacuuming, premade cleaners, and natural products found in the home, fail. A thorough carpet cleaning is the best way to get carpets back to their original state of being clean and fresh.

2) The color of the carpet appears drab or washed out. Carpets lose their color over time not only because of the dulling effects of dirt and grime that accumulates over time but also because of foot traffic and the sunlight that shines directly down on the carpets through windows. In addition to taking preventative measures, having your carpets professionally cleaned can help them retain their vibrant appearance. During the hours of the day when the sun is at its strongest, you can reduce the risk of the sun fading by keeping the blinds or curtains closed. If you want to avoid the full impact of foot traffic, you should also think about making an investment in runners, walk-off mats, and area rugs.
3) Carpet allergies. The debris that is amassing beneath the surface of your carpets, such as dust, dust mites, pet dander, and so on, is often what sets off allergic reactions in people. If you notice that you are experiencing allergy symptoms more frequently than usual, such as watery eyes, sneezing, difficulty breathing, and runny noses, this could be a sign of an allergen buildup. The assistance of a professional carpet cleaner can alleviate symptoms of allergies in addition to other respiratory problems such as asthma and other issues associated with breathing difficulties.

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