How close to the floor should your drapes hang in Vallejo

How close to the floor should your drapes hang?
Drapery Cleaning in Vallejo — There are a few rules of thumb and functional considerations, although there is not any complete when it comes to how long your curtains ought to be. Your Choices are:
The drapes come over the ground but don’t really touch it. I prefer a float of ? into 1/2 inch. Anything more and you also get into land that is high-water. Just like with trousers waters are not cute on anyone. This is the ideal choice if you plan to open and close your curtains; the floor with them won’t be continually crossing. This is also a good option since it will not trap heat if you have a heating source below the window.
The curtains end just at the floor, but there’s no break in the hemline. This requires dimension from rings and the pole to the floor and can be a very custom look. If you enjoy this appearance, I highly recommend hiring a professional installer.
The drapes extend 1 to 2 inches onto the ground, creating a”break” or buckling of the hemline (think men’s pants ). This span making it appropriate for less spaces such as family rooms and is a more relaxed look, is a designer favorite. This is a good style for you, if you do not need to bother with measurements.
The curtains extend roughly 6 inches on the floor, creating a”puddle” of fabric. This is a look most suitable in bedrooms or formal dining rooms since it calls to mind Old European styling. It is, however, the high upkeep length; the curtains require re-positioning once it is time to vacuum or sweep.

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