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It might be hard to decide what to put on your floor because there are so many options now. For example, you could choose between carpet and hardwood. Some people may wonder if the carpet is better than other hard floor types in any way. Even though each type of floor covering has its own pros and cons, there are a number of reasons why carpet is better than hard floors.


Even though hard surfaces like hardwood have been getting a lot of attention in interior design magazines lately, carpet has its own style. By changing the style of the carpet, a room can go from feeling rich and fancy to feeling casual and cozy. Think of a short-pile, patterned carpet for a formal setting and a long frieze for a more casual one.


Have you ever noticed that standing or moving around on concrete or ceramic tiles for a while makes your body sore and achy? Hard surfaces are exactly what they sound like: hard. They don’t give your feet any wiggle room, so they can’t absorb the shock of your steps. So, what does this mean? It means that when you walk on a hard floor, your body feels a little jolt because it absorbs the force of your footfall instead of the floor.

The carpet absorbs shocks because it is soft and flexible, and it also feels great to walk, sit, and lie down on. If there is an underpad underneath the carpet, this effect is greatly amplified. So, carpet is not only more pleasant to touch, but it also makes it easier on the body to stand or walk on it for long periods of time.


When compared to floors with hard surfaces, carpet is a much better insulator. The Georgia Institute of Technology School of Textile Engineering did a study, and the results showed that a thicker carpet has a higher insulation factor no matter what kind of fibers it is made of (or “R-value”). Also, the underpad has its own R-value, and when it’s used with carpet, the R-values of both materials add up to make a better insulator overall.

Because it keeps heat in, carpet can help you save money on costs like electricity or natural gas that come with heating a home. This could help places with harsh winters save a lot of money every year.


People have talked a lot about whether or not carpet makes health problems like allergies and asthma worse or better. Years ago, people with these kinds of breathing problems were told to get rid of all the carpets in their homes and put down hard surfaces instead. But studies done over the past few years have shown again and again that carpet is better for people with breathing problems than hard floors.


When a room doesn’t have a carpet, sound travels much farther. If you’ve ever been in a room without carpet and heard how sound tends to bounce off the walls, you’ve probably experienced this. This is because the sound may be absorbed better by soft surfaces, like carpets, than by hard surfaces. Because there is carpet in the room, it is much quieter.


Hard surfaces can be slippery, and when you slip and fall, it’s not fun to land on them. Carpet not only provides a soft place to land, which is especially helpful in baby’s rooms, but it also helps prevent some falls, especially on stairs. Hardwood stairs can be dangerous, especially if there are young children, elderly people, or people who have trouble moving around. Slips and falls are less likely to happen when the carpet is well-chosen. Carpet for stairs should ideally weigh between 50 and 60 ounces so that it is durable without being too thick.

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