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Give Your Room A Makeover With Sisal Rugs

Rug Cleaning West Hollywood – If you are looking to remodel and give your room a face lift by bringing it into the 21st century then you should have a look at Sisal rugs which are the perfect solution. They are affordable and will make your room beautiful. Why not give your room a makeover with Sisal rugs.

The Agave sisalana cactus is used in the production of Sisal and it is found in Brazil and Africa. Its long fine fibrous qualities allow it to be spun into a smooth but textured yarn. The fibers are tough and they are durable making Sisal rugs a versatile choice for any room and a perfect choice for high traffic areas.

Like wool it has natural anti static qualities and it is fire retardant and long wearing fibers. It’s natural colors range from creamy white to pale yellow but may be dyed a variety of colors. The natural colors are beautiful on their own. Your Sisal rugs will also breathe so they are great for regulating the humidity level in your room.

Sisal can also be blended with wool to make a hybrid type rug. It’s an excellent match giving you the top qualities of both textile fibers.

Caring for your Sisal carpet is very similar to caring for an Oriental rug. If it is located in a high traffic area you should vacuum it daily. If it is in a lower traffic area then you can vacuum it less often. Stains needed to be acted on very quickly so as to not set into the carber. Do not soak these rugs as they will retain a water stain after cleaning. You need to purchase carpet cleaner that is specifically designed for Sisal rugs.

Sisal rugs have become so popular because they are so versatile and so durable. Most often they are used as a cover or focal point on hardwood floors but they can be used over carpet, linoleum, or any other way you wish. They also work very well to hide wear or stains on the main carpet. Stains and wear usually occur in the high traffic areas which is also usually a great place to put a rug giving you a new look to your room while covering the wear.

There are many styles, sizes, shapes, colors, and textures in Sisal rugs. They can be used to give a room a facelift, a new focal point, and hide wear. They look great in the center of a living room, near a fireplace, under a dining room table, or in a bathroom or bedroom.

An ancient technique with a very modern and contemporary style makes it a perfect choice for a modern contemporary room. If you are looking to create a warm and inviting environment the Sisal rugs can do that for you too.

Because they are easy to maintain and because they are so durable they are a great choice for heavy traffic areas. They can take quite a beating and still look fresh and new.
You’ll find many home builders choosing Sisal rugs to accent the tile or hardwood. They are the favorite choice over Oriental or Persian rugs because they are so affordable and they fit so well into a contemporary room.

So whether you are building a new home and adding rugs or giving a room a facelift be sure to consider Sisal rugs. They are great value for the price!

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