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Drapes almost always concentrate quite a large amount of bacteria, dust mites and fungus.  A professionally cleaned curtain can not only improve the look of your house, but also your health and the curtain’s life expectancy.

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Green Carpet’s Cleaning has built its good reputation on providing a prompt service that best meets customer needs across the board. The needs of our customers are paramount and the advice given is not based on our bottom line, rather it is based on each individual’s specific needs and requirements. We have the most thorough curtain and drape cleaning process there is.

Our company is a reliable professional drapery cleaning partner that you can trust! This company has teams that are skilled and qualified to take care of the complex process of cleaning your drapes. our team has been trusted by many clients in terms of preserving and maintaining curtains or drapes.

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Our company offers quality professional drapery cleaning in Corte Madera through methods that would ensure to take into consideration the specification and material of your drapes. With us, you can be assured that not only is your curtains well-taken cared of but also the materials of your drapes are preserved.

If your drapes have lost their original look and appear discolored or dirty, professional curtain cleaning can restore them to like-new condition. You might not realize it, but curtains can collect dust and pet dander as well as other allergens and airborne particles found in your home. Let us help you!

Drapery Cleaning
Drapery Cleaning Service

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Our clients can also rely on the processes we adapt in drapery cleaning Corte Madera. Our company offers a wide range of methods that our client can pick from depending on their preference. Our team can also assure you that the methods used by them in cleaning your drapes are not harmful to the materials of your drapes. well, as you can see, drapery Fabrics are not the same as other fabrics. While some drapes, like polyester sheers, can be washed, most drapes, will not respond well to washing. So, you can be assured that the methods we use are suitable for the delicate materials of your drapery.

Green Carpet's Cleaning

Drapery cleaning requires extreme care and we have the requisite experience, equipment and the knowledge to be mindful of even the most minute detail to make sure our services are up-to your expectations. Having a professional drapery cleaner is really the best choice! 

Drapery Cleaning

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We are committed to providing a world-class carpet, rug, upholstery, drapery or mattress cleaning services that will open your door to a happier and healthier green indoor environment.

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