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The number of people purchasing carpets that have been produced specifically for their homes continues to rise.

These rugs can be placed into one of two major categories: (a) those that are hand-tufted or hooked, and (b) those that are assembled from component rugs. The production of assembled component rugs involves connecting together several tufted or woven rug components to create the finished product.

Rugs that are made to order can be crafted in a wide variety of modern patterns, color schemes, and geometrical forms. Although pricey, they are sophisticated, frequently exclusive, and lend an air of richness to the regions in which they are located.

However, carpet and rug cleaners have a hurdle when confronted with the task of cleaning custom carpets. During the cleaning process, complications may arise if correct cleaning measures are not carried out. Let’s take a look at some of the issues that can arise with custom rugs and the reasons why they do.

Shrinkage and rippling are the two issues that arise most frequently with carpets that are made to order. Rippling and shrinkage are inevitable, particularly in the case of built-component custom carpets. There is always a predisposition for differential shrinkage to take place while wet washing any custom rug in which diverse components are bonded together. This is something that happens every time. This is because the many components each have their own distinct set of attributes, which contribute to this disparity. The fact that the rug components are not pre-shrunk before being assembled is another factor that contributes to the problem. In addition, the use of components that significantly vary in qualities (tufted carpet constructed with a woven carpet, jute-backed carpet with an olefin-backed carpet, etc.) highlights shrinkage and rippling much more so than it would otherwise be the case.

In addition to the two issues that have already been discussed, there is also the possibility that certain custom rugs will become softer if heat or cleaning/spotting solvents are applied to them. Due to the loose design of some, others may exhibit dramatic variations in size in addition to texture distortion. Because the dyes used in custom carpets are frequently unstable, color leakage or loss may occur if the rugs are cleaned normally.

Because of the issues that have been discussed thus far, particular processes are required for the successful cleaning of custom carpets. It is essential that these specialized rugs be cleaned by experienced rug cleaners who work in a professional setting.

In conclusion, it is important to point out that a significantly more thorough cleaning is typically necessary in order to restore the appearance of an extremely filthy rug. However, meticulous cleaning processes have a greater propensity to produce shrinking and rippling in handcrafted carpets because of their extreme abrasiveness. Therefore, in order to prevent them from becoming excessively soiled, these rugs must be vacuumed on a consistent basis and cleaned more frequently than other rugs.

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