Comparison of Wet and Dry Carpet Cleaning

There are primarily two options available to you when it comes to having your carpet cleaned, and those are steam cleaning and dry cleaning. The vast majority of carpet cleaning firms do neither have the expertise nor the equipment necessary to operate both systems, therefore they naturally only market the service that they themselves provide. Because of this, potential clients are not given accurate information about which cleaning method is ideal for the carpet they have.

The real question is not so much which system is superior – there is undoubtedly a place for both – as it is which system is more appropriate given the circumstances.

Steam cleaning carpets
Because very little or even no steam is really used in this procedure, the term “steam cleaning” is most commonly used to refer to what is more accurately known as “hot water extraction.” In the initial step of this process, the carpet is given a comprehensive vacuuming in order to remove any dirt and debris. During this time, hot water is heated in a machine that is mounted on a truck. After that, well-trained carpet cleaning technicians utilize a robust cleaning machine to inject steaming water and a cleaning solution deep into the carpet fibers. The force helps to dislodge any dirt and grime, and after that, the same machinery is used to extract the unclean water and residues from the carpet. Sometimes agitation is also employed to assist with this process. The carpet is then permitted to dry naturally for a few hours. In spite of the fact that there may be indications of steam emerging from the water, the water itself is the one that is actually doing the cleaning rather than the steam.

This cleaning method is highly recommended by the majority of carpet manufacturers due to its high level of thoroughness. The most obvious disadvantage is that the carpet must be allowed to dry completely before anyone may walk on it. Factors that impact how quickly the carpet dries include the air temperature, airflow, humidity, amount of water utilized, and the competency of the carpet cleaner. When the carpet takes several days to dry, this indicates that far too much water was used in the cleaning process.

Cleaning of Carpets Without Water
There are a few systems that come inside this category but fundamentally they all use chemicals (and a tiny quantity of moisture) which are dusted in the form of crystals or sprayed onto the carpet as a liquid. After allowing the crystals or liquid to sit on the carpet for some time to adsorb any dirt or dust, the carpet is then given a thorough vacuuming to remove any residues that may have been left behind.

This type of technology is great for surface cleaning just and doesn’t do a thorough cleaning as steam cleaning does. It’s perfect for maintenance cleaning and is popular with hotels and offices.

So which is best?

If your carpets are extremely dirty and you have some extra time, steam cleaning is most likely the method that you should use to clean them.

The dry cleaning method, on the other hand, is recommended for carpets that have only light soiling or that merely require a re-freshening. Because the carpet may be walked on immediately after being treated with this method of carpet cleaning, it is ideally suited for use in hotel lobbies and individual rooms, as well as in reception areas and office complexes.

Steam cleaning can also include heavy equipment and sometimes it might be difficult to get this into high-rise buildings.

It is my goal that you are now able to understand that both dry carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning are effective techniques for cleaning carpets when they are performed effectively. It’s also key to hire a carpet cleaner that knows how to get the best results for whatever method of carpet cleaning that’s being deployed.

At Green Carpet’s Cleaning, we clean residential and commercial carpets using a procedure called hot water extraction. This method uses very hot water. Carpets are a specialty for the highly trained and skilled specialists that we employ, and they know how to restore your rugs to a condition that is nearly identical to when you first bought them. Contact us today for a Same Day Carpet Cleaning Walnut Creek service.

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