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Colorful Rugs Add Interest and Definition to Living Spaces

Rug Cleaning Malibu — Do you have a room that needs a facelift? Maybe your existing furniture and décor just need something to make them pop. Grounding the room with a colorful rug could be the perfect solution. Often the weight and visual interest a rug gives a room is enough to complete the look you’re going for. An attractive rug that catches your eye beautifies a space that is otherwise plain. But perhaps the best perk to adding a rug to your floor is the cozy feel under your feet.

Some of the hottest rugs to hit the floors lately are the casual and frolicsome pieces by Company C. The vibrant colors and soft plush textures of Company C rugs make them desirable while the high-quality construction and materials make them practical. The family-owned company began designing rugs in 1997 and fabulous new styles are released twice a year. The beautiful rugs draw inspiration from around the world, including Japan, India, and France. While some of the rugs have a fun and exotic feel, others are more traditionally sophisticated. Our most popular design, the Yukata rug, is named after traditional summer kimonos; it features many of the same blossoms you might encounter in a colorful Japanese garden. Most Company C rugs are 100% wool, which allows them to look and feel beautiful for years to come. Whatever your style, the wonderful rugs from Company C can enhance your space.

Dash & Albert Rug Company offers cotton and wool designs in an array of fresh, vibrant colorations. Dash & Albert’s unrivaled rug collection features joyful, bright stripes, not-so-classic plaids and checks, charming floral designs, and innovative patterns to make your space stand out. Many of their smaller rugs are machine washable which makes care a breeze. Rugs can also be placed on ottomans made by Lee Industries, creating a beautiful, textural and versatile piece of furniture. The ordinary ottoman becomes an extraordinary conversation piece to be used in a bedroom, bathroom, dressing room, or as a coffee table in a living room, den or office.

An interesting rug can enhance any space in your home if you use a little imagination. Check out Company C and Dash & Albert for great styles and ideas you can use.

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