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Cleaning Grease

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Pearblossom — One of the biggest problems in almost any home is knowing how to go about cleaning grease. There are many products out there that are meant to clean up most types of grease, but many of them don’t work. You can walk into my kitchen sometimes and see grease on the walls, and though this drives me nuts, there are not many easy ways to get rid of it. That means I have to take some time twice a week to make sure I get it off with something that does work.

When you are cleaning grease from your countertops, as long as you get it early, almost any spray product from the store will work. You want to make sure you get it as quickly as you can so that it doesn’t build up. That is when it is harder to get off. I have used many different types, and it usually comes down to elbow grease. When things are built up, like after I have been away and my husband has been cooking, you have to come up with new ways of cleaning grease from your kitchen surfaces.

When I have to clean up grease that has been allowed to build up, or has been there a while, I have found that Comet is the best at cleaning grease from almost any surface. You do have to be careful with painted surfaces though, and you should always consider the surface before you use Comet. In order for it to be extremely effective at cleaning grease, you have to mist the area with water, and then sprinkle Comet on the surface. Let is sit for a few minutes, and then use a sponge to get the grease up. It always works for me.

When it comes to cleaning grease from clothing, there are a few things that seem to work well. If you have someone in your home that gets greasy clothing quite often, you have to invest in something that will take it out in the first try. My mother always used Simple Green as a pre-wash treatment. Though it didn’t smell very good going in, it always got the grease out of the clothing. This product can be used on other things, as it was originally meant to be a home cleaning product. As I mentioned, the smell is not that great, but it works well at cleaning grease, and you can also spray scent after you are done.

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