Cleaning Cat Urine From Carpets Like a Pro

It is unavoidable that at some point in time if you are the owner of a cat, you will be forced to deal with the uncomfortable challenge of figuring out how to get rid of cat urine. If your cat is ill, there is a possibility that it will urinate on your carpet when you are least expecting it to. The problem is that removing the stain isn’t difficult, but if you don’t do it in a meticulous and thorough manner, you’ll be left with a harsh ammonia-like odor that will persist for weeks if you don’t do it correctly. Keeping this in mind, the next step that has to be taken is as follows.

First, be sure to dry up the puddle as thoroughly as possible.
In this situation, time is of the essence. When you have found the puddle, use a paper towel to carefully soak up as much of the liquid as possible. Take care not to rub the affected region, since doing so could spread the pee even further into the carpet. If you do so, use extreme caution. If the stain has already dried, then you should apply some lukewarm water to the affected region.

2. Mix equal parts vinegar and water in a container.
To make a solution, combine three parts vinegar with one part water, and then liberally apply the solution to the location where the mishap took place. Vinegar serves as a dispersant for the ammonia particles, which are responsible for the offensive odor. The key is to be careful not to oversaturate the carpet, as this could result in permanent damage, but to use enough amount so that the solution is able to do its job. After the solution has been administered, give it five to ten minutes to work its enchantment.

Step 3: Sprinkle the area with regular or garden baking soda
It is hoped that every household has this in its supply closet, but similar to the vinegar solution, a generous amount of application is required for it to be effective. Baking soda should then pick up all of the loosened ammonia particles that are the source of the foul odor; however, for the best effects, it is recommended that you let it sit for at least two to three hours. After ensuring that the regions are dry, the last step is to give them a thorough vacuuming. The final product ought to be an area that has a pleasant aroma and shows no traces of stains.

If you follow these three straightforward measures, you should no longer have to contend with the lingering smell of cat urine in your home. Just keep in mind that the faster you act, the simpler it will be to get rid of it.

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