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There are 12 important reminders to know about cleaning carpets. Here are those…


The lift entrance hall is an additional important area to consider, as guests typically invest a great deal of time there and therefore have an opportunity to evaluate the details and décor closer handily. As the lift lobby is frequently the busiest area of the resort, ensure that it is sizable, which you provide adequate signs. This is additionally where magnificent floor, lighting and wall surface design can be most successfully used to excite every person going through. As this is the display location, attempt to include an unique piece of artwork, a distinct wall surface or even an item of classic furnishings from the owner’s personal collection.

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Lay your rug down on a tarpaulin or deck, however ensure it is close to water, like your garden hose. Adhere to the directions on the tag of your carpeting shampoo. Some shampoos call for blending with cozy water. If you don’t have rug shampoo, you can take a container and also make your very own service of cozy water as well as a tablespoon of mild, liquid dish soap. Before washing your whole rug, initial spot-test the shampoo or option in a little area of the rug to make certain the colors don’t bleed.

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We understand how difficult it can be to find the best carpet cleaning service for your home. We provide 100% steam cleaning and in using Eco friendly carpet cleaning solution that contains no harmful chemicals while still giving your carpet the most thorough cleaning possible. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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We provide professional couch cleaning, lounge cleaning, sofa cleaning, stain and mold removal, Dust, Germs, Bacteria and stain treatment. We provide Fast Couch Steam & Eco-Friendly Cleaning services. We are one of the best Upholstery Cleaning Company in California. What are you waiting for?

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Regular mattress cleaning is important for a good and healthy sleep. Dirty mattresses can cause allergy symptoms which can become worse overtime. Your bed can also acquire stains and unwanted odors. Steam cleaning will provide you with the best cleaning services your mattress has ever had. We use the best cleaning equipment and safe Eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Same Day Service is Available! 

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We offer a convenient Drapery cleaning Solutions by using Eco-Friendly Cleaning products. ​We will remove all stains, soil, dust, pollen, smoke and any odors that have accumulated in your drapery over the years​. Our trained & Expert Cleaners are fully qualified to safely clean your valuable drapes​. Let us help you!

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We are committed to providing a world-class carpet, rug, upholstery, drapery or mattress cleaning services that will open your door to a happier and healthier green indoor environment.

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