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Cleaning Using Natural Products Local, Fast, Same Day Service Licensed & Insured Let us do the dirty work! Carpet Cleaning Los Alamitos is offering same day services! Book your appointment now!

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Cleaning your carpets and rugs is adding one more task to your already busy schedule. You can avoid this by hiring a professional from Green Carpets Cleaning Los Alamitos to clean your carpets and rugs. Our expert cleaning technicians will ensure that all dust is gone and remove any stains with efficiency. Contact us immediately if you’re in need of a carpet cleaning in your home.

Rug Cleaning Los Alamitos

It is only with the help of professional cleaning services, you can keep your rugs in an excellent condition. For your rugs to last longer and appear new for years, you should choose professional rug cleaning service from our team as we specialized in using Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning Los Alamitos products. 100% Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

Rug Cleaning
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Carpet Cleaning Los Alamitos

Cleaning your carpets will make it more comfortable to step in and will allow it to last longer.  Our team provides 100% steam Carpet Cleaning Los Alamitos and in using only natural and non-toxic carpet cleaning solution that is safe for you and your family. Book a cleaning with us today to experience the beast cleaning you deserve!

Upholstery Cleaning Los Alamitos

Your upholstered furniture can hold odors in and make the smell of your home unbearable. We provide professional couch cleaning, lounge cleaning, sofa cleaning, stain and mold removal. We are one of the best Upholstery Cleaning Company in Los Alamitos. What are you waiting for? Call us today for upholstery cleaning!

Upholstery Cleaning
Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning Los Alamitos

Only a professional mattress cleaner will know how to properly remove the stains on your mattress, allowing it to look like new and last longer. Steam cleaning will provide you with the best cleaning services your mattress has ever had. We use the best cleaning equipment and safe Eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Same Day Service is Available! 

Drapery Cleaning Los Alamitos

We offer a reliable drapery cleaning solutions with the use of Eco-Friendly cleaning products. ​We will remove all stains, soil, dust, pollen, smoke and any odors that have accumulated in your drapery over the years​. Our skilled and professional cleaners are fully qualified to safely clean your valuable drapes​. Let us help you!

Drapery Cleaning
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