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Carpet care between cleanings

The carpets in your home represent a significant financial investment for you. The subfloor underneath is shielded by the carpet. They enrich the environment with coziness, color, and warmth. During the winter months, they act as a barrier between your bare feet and the cold floor, which is really beneficial. Carpets serve numerous purposes inside our houses, and their replacement can be expensive.

When you have your carpets cleaned by a professional on a regular basis, it goes a long way toward ensuring that they will continue to serve their purpose and look nice for the longest amount of time feasible. However, there are other things you can do to ensure that your carpets remain spotless, rich, and attractive for many years to come.

When it comes to protecting the value of your carpet investment, the following is a basic list of things you should and should not do.

In order to prevent dirt and dust from being tracked inside, welcome mats should be positioned at ground-level entryways.
Keep these mats clean at all times.
Request that all family members and guests remove their shoes before entering the house.
Implement a regular vacuuming regimen (daily for most businesses dealing with the public; weekly for homes; twice weekly for pet owners.)
Every other or third time you vacuum, give special attention to the corners of the room and under the furniture.
If you want less hair, dander, and grime floating around your house, give your pets regular baths and give them a good brushing.
It is best not to bring foods that are juicy or sticky into rooms that have carpeting.
Children should drink from cups that have lids that can be securely fastened on top.
Spills happen. When they do, you must act quickly to lessen the impact of the stain. The longer you wait, the greater the chance that the stain may get permanently embedded in the fibers and permeate into the padding of the carpet. This might result in odors as well as the formation of mold.
Keep a small piece of your carpet remnant aside so that you can test out any new spot cleaners or other cleaning solutions before applying them to the carpet that has already been placed.
Maintaining your carpet properly requires having it cleaned by a professional (Yearly for homes, more often for businesses.)

Scrub a stain on the carpet with all your might. This is a pointless method that will only serve to drive the stain further into the carpet while also causing the fibers of the carpet to become frayed. Instead of scrubbing, use paper towels.

You are using the incorrect type of cleaner. Be sure to read the directions provided by the manufacturer very carefully in order to prevent any irreversible damage or discoloration.
Misuse of deodorant powders might lead to unpleasant odors. When you apply deodorizing powders on your carpet, they might leave behind a gunky residue, which may become more obvious as you continue to use the product.
Rent carpet cleaning equipment that isn’t up to par. Unfortunately, the rental equipment is frequently not maintained to a sufficient level. It’s possible that renting devices could cause more problems than they solve.

You may get the very most use out of your carpet for many years to come if you adopt the correct maintenance procedures. Check out Green Carpet’s Cleaning Service for more intensive cleaning if you need it. Book a Same Day Carpet Cleaning Santa Clara service now.

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