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Can Chemicals Used in Carpet Cleaning Make You Sick?

The key to maintaining a healthy home is to keep the carpets clean. Particularly during the winter, when we spend more time indoors, huddled together with our pets and loved ones. Our carpets need to be kept clean because dirt, dander, and dust get embedded in the fibers. In today’s world, hiring a professional Carpet Cleaning Near Me La Mirada service to clean your carpets is commonplace, and most of them have honed their skills to an excellent level. They arrive during the window of time they’ve specified, clean your carpets, and then go with them sparkling. Today, there isn’t much that divides carpet cleaning businesses from one another, but the cleaning agents utilized do make a difference.

Most carpet cleaning firms make an effort to use relatively mild cleaning agents, but “mild” doesn’t always equate to “good,” and some still employ trace amounts of hazardous chemicals that may have negative health effects. Among the possibly harmful substances used to clean carpets are:

1. A common cleaning agent that aids in the dissolution of grime is naphthalene. It almost resembles a white candy round and can have very few negative effects on the health of your key organs. Similar to what the labels on mothballs warn you, skin and eye inflammation might unintentionally result from skin contact. Signs and symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and loose stools are expected to occur in the worst-case scenarios. Moths and other small insects are frequently killed by the pesticide naphthalene, which is made from coal tar. Naphthalene exposure has been linked to memory loss, nausea, vomiting, liver damage, and confusion.

2. Perchloroethylene is a common dry-cleaning chemical that is known to make people feel sick, lightheaded, and tired. It has also been linked to kidney and liver damage. It has a lovely scent, but when used excessively, it can be dangerous. This decrepit, non-flammable liquid is a favorite material for totally dry cleaning. When inhaled or consumed, it is also known to cause drowsiness, exhaustion, and loose bowels. In extreme cases, it can harm your body’s vital systems, including your liver, kidneys, and, in particular, your respiratory system.

3. Butyloxy ethanol is a substance that can enter your body through direct skin contact as well as inhalation. This substance has been linked to the kidneys, and the liver, and has never been damaged. Consuming the substance, which is frequently a prevalent ingredient in various liquid soaps and cosmetics, causes the body to suffer extremely serious damage. Although no one will ever accidentally ingest or consume liquid soaps, if a carpet still included some residue and also was licked by your child or pet dog, the repercussions can include breathing issues, blood in the urine, low blood pressure, and more.

When assessing how healthy a carpet cleaner’s procedure is, there are still other factors to take into account in addition to safe chemicals.

While some of the substances used in cooking are suitable for your meals, some of the liquids used in blending are firm enough to be used for carpet cleaning. Mankind has long used vinegar and essential oils to clean their bodies. They are able to clean some of your household items. Increase your enthusiasm for the carpet cleaning service of your choice, such as Green Carpet’s Cleaning. It’s preferable to let them know that you have a little child or cat who likes to cool off on the carpet. With their dealing knowledge, you could even learn more about these substances and how they may benefit your carpet far more.

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