Area Rugs Are The Perfect Wood Floor Accent! Hermosa Beach

Area Rugs Are The Perfect Wood Floor Accent!

Rug Cleaning Hermosa Beach — Wood floors have made an amazing come back and today they are the number one choice in flooring. Wood floors are classy and elegant and easy to clean but they do lack the personal touch and character so there has been a new demand for area rugs. Area rugs are the perfect wood floor accent!

By adding an area rug you can spice up the dull looking floors, add some color and character to a room, and add a warm touch for your feet on those cold winter days. You will be able to match the area rugs with your home decor with little problem. In fact you’ll have so many choices, choosing might be a bit difficult!

There is a perfect area rug for every room. I guarantee it! You will find the thousands of color variations from wild and bold to soft and romantic. You can choose from Persian rugs, Oriental Rugs, Reed rugs, rag rugs and so many others.
If you just want to protect your wood floor or cover up a stain you can buy very inexpensive area rugs. In fact area rugs are one of the most economical ways to change the look or feel of any room. Give your room a makeover for under $100.00. Your dull surroundings will jump to life just by adding an area rug.

Choose an area rug that reflects your personality and the ambiance of the room. Use an area rug to create a warm and intimate room, or use it to decrease the noise level in a room. So versatile! And a simple or elegant area rug will accent the wood floors in any room. If you get tired of the look you can very easily change the rug unlike wall to wall carpeting which is very expensive to change out.
You will want to match the primary colors in the rug and have it compliment your furniture and wall colors. Be sure to take the lighting in the room into consideration. If the room is dark and dull you will want to increase the lighting or buy a rug that has lighter tones in the colors to help brighten up the area. Make sure that at least the two primary colors match the room or the furnishings.

Look at the room as a whole. Decide where and what the focal point is that you are trying to achieve. If the area rug is to be the focal point in the room consider a large central medallion on the rug. These work well! Make sure that the area rugs patterns will not clash with the patterns on your furniture of the patterns on your walls. You want the rug to interact with the room and not be loud and brash.

When selecting your area rug, take a sample of the wall paper or a color sample of the wall paint and a sample of material which covers the furniture with you. If no samples are readily available take several photos in different light conditions with you. This will help give you an idea of the color combinations that will work while you shop for that perfect area rug.

If you have a sample of the hardwood floor take a piece with you. Because the rug will be placed on the wood floor it’s a great way to see what the effect is. Be sure it has some of the warm or cool elements in the rug to accent the wood floor depending on the look you are going for.

The style of rug will play an important role in the finished look of the room. Look at the room and the type of decor you have. Rooms with antiques will beg for a Oriental rug, but be careful because they may be too busy for the room. You will find that braided rugs work well for a traditional modern looking room.

Be sure the area rug will accomplish the look and feel you are trying to achieve. If you are having a hard time deciding, ask the salesperson. They have a lot of experience in helping customers choose the right rug. You can also check and see if there is a return policy that way you can return it if it doesn’t work out.

Area rugs are an affordable way to give a room a facelift and they look wonderful with a hardwood floor. So why not give your room a new look?

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