Applying Rug Tape on Floors, Rugs, and Carpets in Santa Monica

Applying Rug Tape on Floors, Rugs, and Carpets

Rug Cleaning in Santa Monica — On the off chance that you have a rug that continues to move around on your floor, you have a couple of various alternatives to keep that rug in place.

If non-slip rug pads aren’t your jam, rug tape may be more a good fit for you. Furthermore, on the grounds that we need all rug owners to live in harmony with their rugs, we created this helpful guide on everything rug tape.

Rug tape is a double-sided adhesive that holds a rug on the floor. It resembles that twofold sided scotch tape, yet way stickier.

There are various sorts of floor covering tape however — more than you at any point expected. The most widely recognized ones are made of silicone, elastic, or glues like paste.

The silicone-based ones are awesome. Why? Quick version, they’re to the least extent liable to harm your ground surface, floor covering, or rug. We’ll delve into a greater amount of the succulent subtleties on that further down as well.

Benefits of Rug Tape
If you’ve got some killer non slip rug pads or you simply don’t have any rug in your home, you likely don’t. Then again, floor covering tape might be an enormous advantage for you. Here are a few advantages of floor covering tape:

Prolongs the life of your rug and floors by reducing friction
Disposes of slipping
It’s easy to install
It’s removable

Prolongs The Life Of Your Rug And Floors
By keeping the rugs in place, the rug tape diminishes the consistent development between the floor and the rug. That development includes more wear on your rug which abbreviates the rug’s life. Furthermore, if your rug backing is scratchy like jute or fleece, the backing can likewise begin to scratch your floors.

Assuming you can lock your rugs to the floor with rug tape, both the floor and rug will last more.

Eliminates Slipping
Rugs that come up short of secure hold on the floor will in general crease, bundle up, or slide out of position. In addition to the fact that this looks terrible, it can likewise be a stumbling risk and cause injury.

The best answer for this is a non-slip mat cushion or floor covering tape to hold carpets set up particularly in high foot traffic areas.

Easy To Install
The installation process of rug tape is simple. Get the carpet, ensure everything’s perfect, slap the sticky stuff on the mat or the floor (contingent upon explicit directions), and set up the mat back.. You have yourself a non-slip carpet.

It’s Removable
At the point when you need to move the rug for reasons unknown, your rug tape ought to be not difficult to take off.

Some rug tape likewise keeps up its glue characteristics for a few uses so you can get the rug for a fast clear or shake out and just put it directly back down with a similar tape.

Disadvantages of using Rug Tape
Notwithstanding the above benefits, utilizing rug tape has two pretty huge disadvantages that you need to pay special attention to.

1. Can Damage Some Floors
A double-sided rug tape with harsh adhesives can leave a tacky buildup on overlay and vinyl floors. The buildup is difficult to eliminate, and you might chance scratching the floor surface as you scratch it off. We’ve likewise known about some rug tape just by and large making harm to all floor types, so realize that is a potential danger.

A decent general guideline is to test the tape on a little space of your deck to ensure it doesn’t harm the floor.

2. Can Ruin The Rugs
A rug tape with brutal cements, for example, Polyethylene Resin ruins a region mat. The sticky material crumbles over the long run and responds with the rug. Furthermore, while eliminating the sticky tape, it can rip off the mat or carpet’s strands.

Keeping your Rugs Clean
Keeping your rugs clean is one of the best ways to promote healthiness in your home. Our team at Green Carpet’s Cleaning guarantees you’re given the profound cleaning administrations you need for a genuinely new and clean property.
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