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How a Beautifully Designed Living Space Can Help You Make Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

How Does a Well-Designed Living Space Create Powerful and Lasting Memories for the Holidays and Beyond? Home Is Where the Rug Is: How Does a Well-Designed Living Space Create Powerful and Lasting Memories?

The ancient Greeks had a strong devotion to the goddess Hestia, who personified the divine component of domesticity, family, and the home. They held Hestia in the highest esteem. In addition, Hestia is representative of the hearth, the welcoming and warm focal point of the home around which members of the family gather.

Due to the increased demands of work and school, in addition to the ever-increasing amount of time spent in front of screens of any kind, including mobile devices, televisions, and gaming monitors, it is much more difficult for families to get together around any kind of heart these days. This makes it much more challenging for families to spend quality time together (the kitchen table for Sunday brunch, or the dining room table for weeknight dinners). There is never enough time to conduct a meaningful conversation, and making eye contact with the people one cares about the most seems to be the ultimate luxury that one can bestow upon them. Nobody has the time to genuinely interact with one another. When the school day is over, the children head back to their rooms to hide in front of their iPads and iPhones, while the adults retire behind gigantic monitors to follow the news and the financial market. After that, the parents rush around the house in an attempt to get some peace on Netflix before retiring for the night.

How is it possible for something as simple and real as a possession that we use to decorate an interior space to elicit such potent feelings? We spend a significant portion of our lives inside, either at home or at the office. The environments we inhabit must reflect both our personality and our aesthetic preferences. Improving our surroundings improves not only how we feel but also how well we perform. In my instance, the vintage rug that had been a part of my youth had evolved into a metaphor for harmony within the family. It had come to be connected with special occasions, joyous celebrations, and great evenings spent with friends and family in the ease, warmth, and security of what we referred to as home at the time. Now that the holiday season has here, each of us has the opportunity to create new memories and treasure old ones by investing quality time with all of our loved ones in a wonderful setting that is warm and inviting and satisfies all of our senses. An excellent rug will bring the space to life in a way that is entirely it’s own. The mix of aesthetic attractiveness and enjoyable companionship is a winning formula. We will have the opportunity to delight in these fresh recollections as well as our rug for a good many years to come.

Having this kind of important memory in our rugs is important to take care of it. Get it professionally cleaned by Green Carpet’s Cleaning. They offer Same Day Carpet Cleaning Mira Monte and as well for rugs.

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