5 Choices In Sheepskin Rugs Hermosa Beach

5 Choices In Sheepskin Rugs

Rug Cleaning Hermosa Beach — There is nothing more stylish than a sheepskin rug and oh so cozy! You can buy traditional as well as designer sheepskin rugs. Add a little charm and a whole lot of warmth and luxury to your room. There are plenty of choices in sheepskin rugs.

Sheepskin Area Rug
Sheepskin area rugs are quite large, usually around 6 feet in length and 3 feet in width. They are perfect on the floor, displayed on the wall as an art piece, or hung over a sofa. They make a wonderful room accent.

Sheepskin Rug
A full sheepskin rug is an absolutely beautiful addition to a room. It will add warmth, luxury, and coziness to the room like no other rug can. Sheepskin rugs come in a variety of sizes, the smallest usually being around 6 feet long and 5 feet wide. Even these large ones look great used as a wall accent or flung over a sofa corner.

Designer Sheepskin Rug
Designer sheepskin rugs take the natural beauty of sheepskin and sculpt and die it into a work of art. The designer will contrast short and long sheepskin or may even mix different species to get the effect they are looking for. By mixing species you get a natural color pallet of white, black, brown, grey, and ivory. New Zealand sheepskin is very popular for these designer pieces. And of course artists also dye the wool to get a wide variety of color choices for their work. These large designer rugs are truly a unique, beautiful work of art that looks fabulous in a contemporary room, in front of a fireplace, or any other place that holds the right decor. Black and white combinations are truly stunning!

Many people choose to place their sheepskin rugs on the top of their beds. It’s a great look and easy to complete the room decor around. White is a stunning choice on the bed and very classy!

Baby and Sheepskin Rug
Even a baby can enjoy his or her very own sheepskin rug. Made especially for babies, they measure around 8 square feet and they are sheared to ¾” or less so safe for babies to roll around in. They are perfect for your young ones to crawl around on the floor, sit and play on. Sheepskin rugs have a way of settling down most babies that are fussing. It must be their warm natural coziness that does the job.

Pet Sheepskin Rugs
If there is a sheepskin rug for you and your baby then why not one for your pet dog or cat. The animals love to snuggle up on their own sheepskin rug and they might stay off of yours.
Sheepskin rugs are fairly easy to take care of. When you first get your rug it may look flat because of the packaging. But not to worry, wool bounces back very quickly. Just give it a good shake and spread out. The fold marks will fade away over a few days.
To wash your sheepskin rug use only warm or cold water. You can wash it in a machine or by hand. If you use your machine use Woolskin Sheepskin wash which is designed for sheepskin. Don’t use any regular soaps or detergents.
Lye it flat for drying or you can stretch it over a close line. Do not place it in the direct sun or near artificial heat such as a heater. It can damage the rug.
If the wool curls after you wash it. Not to worry that’s its natural state and you can brush it out while it’s wet so it dries with that luxury fluffy look.
Sheepskin rugs are in a class of their own with little competition other than perhaps rabbit or bear. There are few large rugs that are as beautiful as a sheepskin rug. So why not try it for yourself?

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